Florida Secretary of State Registered Agent/Officer Search | www.sunbiz.org

Search the Florida Secretary of State’s office for a corporation, LLC, limited partnership, or trademark by the its registered agent or officer. The lookup must be completed by using the format of last name, first name. After performing the query the list of all the entities that the agent or officer is involved with will appear and the details of those businesses may be obtained by clicking on the name.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and enter the name of the individual acting as the registered agent or officer in last name, first name.


Step 2 – After entering the name of the registered agent a list of all the entities the individual is apart of will appear along with the business’s name and number. Click on the entity that you find to be the most matching of the business you were looking for and the details will be presented on the records page.



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