Kansas Secretary of State Registered Agent Search

Search the Kansas Secretary of State for a business by the official person recognized as its registered agent. It is best to perform the lookup if you have the first and last name, respectively, of the individual. The database, after performing the query, will then pull all matching entities that the individual is representing in alphabetical order (if more than 1).

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and click on the link that says ‘Business Entity Database‘. Then proceed to click on the link titled ‘By a resident agent’s full name‘.



Step 2 – In the blank field enter the name of the registered agent.


Step 3 – After entering the name of the individual you will be brought to the matching listings page. When you have found the business listing click on the ‘View Record’ button. If not, go back and enter just the last name of the individual.



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