Kansas Secretary of State Corporation Search

Search the Kansas Secretary of State’s office for a corporation by its name and view all its public information located within its database. The information available consists of the entity’s legal name, business number, previous filings/annual reports, and registered agent information. To begin it is important to have the legal name as it exists at the Secretary’s office.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and click on the link titled ‘Business Entity Database’.


Step 2 – Click the ‘By business entity name’ link.



Step 3 – Enter the full name of the corporation in order to perform the lookup.



Step 4 – After entering your name you will be re-directed to the matching records page. Here you will see all matching corporation’s name, ID number, and status.¬†Click on the ‘View Record’ button to view all its information.


Step 5 – Now you are able to view the full details including the corporation’s legal name, previous name(s), current mailing address, entity type, date of incorporation, state of incorporation, current status with the Secretary, registered agent (name and address), tax closing month, last annual report on file, forfeiture date, and the business ID number.

By clicking the links on the page you may also be able to change the name online, view history and previously filed documents, obtain a certificate of good standing, update the registered agent details, and the option to close the business.


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