Indiana Secretary of State Corporation Search

Search the Indiana Secretary of State for a corporation by its name. The entity may be looked up one of the following ways: by name (full word or partial word ) in addition to its client ID number in order to not view any matching results.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and enter the name of the corporation and as an option the client ID number.



Step 2 – After your selection has been and you are re-directed to the records page the Entity Name, Type, and City/State will be shown. Click on the name and be forwarded to the record details page.



Step 3 – On the record details page you will be able to view everything about the corporation including the entity’s: legal name, address, control number (xxxxxx-xxx), status (active, suspended, expired, inactive, dissolved, etc.) type, incorporation date, date to expire, inactive date, and other or fictitious names.

In the additional services tab below see the following:

Go – View additional information for the entity, including transaction history, merger information, registered agent, principals and corporate report information (years paid and years due).

Go – Generate an official Certificate of Existence/Authorization for $20 ($21.42 for non-subscribers to the Secretary of State which may be paid by credit card).

Go – Generate Business Entity Documents.

Go – Request Information Printouts or Certificates.

Go – File Supplemental Filings.


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