Connecticut Secretary of State Business Filing Number Search

The Connecticut Secretary of State offers the option for a user to lookup a filed form by its ten (10) digit filing number. This number may be found on the top part of any document that was filed and returned by the Secretary of State.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and click the third (3rd) button down titled ‘Search by Filing Number’. In the blank field to the right of it enter the ten digit number then press the ‘Search’ button.


Step 2 – After submitting you will be brought to the page that will show the entity that matches the filing number you entered. Click the entity name in the blue link to view the business’s details.


Step 3 – You are now on the entity details page which shows all available information about the company. On the lower right hand side of the page you will be able to click on the ‘View Filing History‘ button to see the filed documents.


Step 4 – Now you can see the document you were looking up and all other filed forms with the Secretary of State.


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