California Secretary of State LLC/Limited Liability Partnership Search

The California Secretary of State under its Kepler system allows for the querying of limited liability companies (LLC) or a limited liability partnership by name or number. If the name is common it may need to be more specific in order to generate results small enough to find the listing.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to the Kepler website at This WebPage and click the button next to ‘Limited Liability Company/Limited Partnership’ and enter in the blank field enter the name of the entity.


Step 2 – Click the ‘Search’ button and you will be forwarded to the results of your query. The Secretary will make the following information available for your viewing: number, formation date, status (active, canceled, or FTB suspended), name and agent of service.

Click on the Entity Name to see all information on file and available to the public.


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