Arizona Corporation Commission Old Business Name Search

The Arizona Corporation Commission allows a user to search their database via eCorp (which will be the default search tarting May 13, 2015) for old business names. The name may begin be entered by selecting ‘Old Business Name’ in the drop-down menu. Proceed to enter the name and after entering the names of all related entities will appear below the blank fields.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This WebPage and click on the drop-down menu. The last selection will appear with the title ‘Old Business Name’. Click on it and in the blank field on the right-hand side of the page will be able to enter the former name.



Step 2 – After the name has been inputted into the blank field the results will appear below. Scroll through the results and you will be able to view, in addition to the older name, the corporation’s file number will appear. To view all information click on the Old Business Name in the blue font.


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