Alabama Secretary of State Business Search by Officer | Agent | Incorporator

The Alabama Secretary of State allows a user to search for a entity by an individual’s first and last name. The person must be an officer (president/secretary), incorporator, or registered agent of the business. After the query is performed a list of all the entities the person is involved with will appear and the details may be selected by clicking on the results provided.

How to Search

To perform a search of a person of a company the user must first go to This Webpage. After entering the name (last name, first name) the user may narrow the results by selecting from one of the following options; Incorporator | Member, Registered Agent, President, or Secretary. Afterwards the user may narrow the results further by selecting the county in Alabama the business is registered.

alabama-secretary-of-state-business-officer-agent-incorporator-search-page On this page the user will be able to view the search results that match the name of the individual on the entity. It is a good idea to have the name of the corporation/LLC/partnership you are looking for as the name of the person will not be displayed. Once the listing has been found the the user should click on the Entity ID or the Entity Name in order to see the entire details of the entity.


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