Alabama Secretary of State Business Search by Month and Year

The Alabama Secretary of State allows a user to perform a search by the month and year an entity was created. On the first page you may select the month, followed by typing the year, and then select the county the business resides (optional). After the process is complete a data set of all the entities (corporations, LLC’s, and partnerships) will appear in chronological order.

How to Search

Here you will be given the option of selecting from one of the twelve months in a calendar year to query by when the entity was formed. After you will be given a blank space to enter the year it was formed. To narrow down the results further (as there will be many) you can choose the county in which the entity operates.


On the search results page the user will view the selected listings that match the date provided. The results will be organized on chronological order and can to scroll ahead the page number links on the bottom of the page will need to be clicked. Once the entity is found the user may click on the Entity ID Number or it’s Entity Name to see the full details.


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