Alabama Secretary of State Business Search by Date

The Alabama Secretary of State allows a user to perform a search for an entity by using the day the business was incorporated. This is the day that the articles of incorporation were originally registered with the State. The date must be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Sample Search

The first step is to find out when the entity was created. This should be found on the Articles of Organization (For LLC’s) or the Articles of Incorporation (For Corporations). Once the date has been inputted there is an optional extra field for adding the county the entity is located.



After your selection has been made the Secretary of State will direct you to the results which will be all the entities created on that day in Alabama. ¬†They will be listed in alphabetical format with 25 listings on each page with the option on the bottom to scroll ahead or behind by page number. Once your business has been located simply click on the Entity Number or the Entity Name to view it’s full details.


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