Alabama Secretary of State Corporation Search

The Alabama Secretary of State provides corporation search for a user by business name to view any type (corporation, LLC, general partnership, limited partnership, etc.). If the user decides to search by name they must ensure to query as much as they know as the results will be all matching names.

How to Search

After deciding which route to perform the lookup you will be asked to enter the information details. The sample provided will show how to perform a search by name.


On the 2nd option you can select to search by domestic or foreign corporation. Furthermore, you can narrow down the results by the county the entity is located in, city principal address, and it’s status.


On the results page you will be able to view all the matches to your selected corporation search. The following will be viewable;

  • Entity ID Number – Provided in a xxx-xxx format
  • Entity Name
  • Entity City
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Status

Click on either the Entity ID in blue or the Name in order to view it’s information.

After selecting the entity you will be able to view it’s full set of information located at the Secretary of State. The information provided shall include all the public information about the business.

Name Reservation

In Alabama an individual may request to reserve a name for a business entity for

(1) one year from the date the application is accepted for filing; or

(2) the date the applicant files with the Secretary of State a written notice of withdrawal of the reservation.

During this time the applicant can decide whether to pursue created the entity or waiving their rights to the name.

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